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North Central Bus & Equipment Inc. is central Minnesota’s premier supplier of truck equipment and accessories. With over 40 years of experience, we carry the dependable and quality products you’re looking for.  Not only do we sell the highest quality truck equipment names that you know and trust, we also provide installation and service at both of our locations.

Truck & Van Equipment
Featuring Weatherguard & Adrian Steel

Truck and Van Equipment is the perfect customizable, organized, and flexible solution for your specific needs. Whether you are transporting tools and materials in the back of your truck to a work site, or you are hauling products in the back of your van, truck and van equipment can be tailored to meet your needs. We offer an extensive selection of truck and van equipment from Weatherguard & Adrian Steel.

Truck Bodies
Featuring Astoria, Brandon, Cadet, Dakota, RKI, Scott and TL Woods
Whether you're in the landscaping business, general contracting, construction/highway department, or farming, we have a truck body to fit your needs. We have landscape bodies, contractor bodies, dump bodies, grain bodies, just to name a few. We offer truck bodies from Astoria, Brandon, Cadet, Dakota, RKI, Scott and TL Woods.

Featuring Anthony, Maxon and Tommy Gate

We carry a variety of liftgate models, that can accommodate weights from 500 pounds up to 6,600 pounds. Whether you’re a small business owner looking for a liftgate for a pickup, or you’ve got a large fleet of cube trucks that need liftgates, we have a liftgate to meet your needs. We offer liftgates from Anthony, Maxon and Tommy Gate.

Snow & Ice Control
Featuring Hiniker and Buyers

"Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..." We carry a wide variety of snowplows and ice control products. Whether you want the ease of plowing your own snow, or you are a landscaper/snow contractor that needs to clear large parking lots quickly, we have what it takes to get your jobs done. We also carry skid steer mounted plows, as well as salt and sand spreaders for pickups and skid steers. We offer snow and ice control products from Hiniker and Buyers.

Hoists, Cranes, & Winches
Featuring RKI, Scott, Venturo and Warn

We have the hoists, cranes, and winches your looking for. Whether your looking for a truck mounted hoist that has a small or large lifting capacity, we have the hoist for the job. If a crane is what you’re looking for, we have cranes that can lift from 2,000 pounds up to 11,000 pounds. We also have winches for most applications, from personal vehicle winches to tow trucks and industrial winches. So, whether you’re looking to pull your buddies out of the mud, or you’re looking to load an excavator onto a trailer, we have what you need to get the job done. We offer hoists, cranes, and winches from RKI, Scott, Venturo and Warn.

Featuring ECCO and Soundoff Signal

We offer many choices in vehicle lighting in terms of source, size, shape, purpose, and electrical connection. We offer a complete range of warning lights and vehicle lighting, such as lightbars, minibars, beacons, LED lighting, emergency vehicle lighting, and much more. We offer vehicle lighting options from ECCO and Soundoff Signal.

Our expert sales department is available six days per week to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Give us a call today!