Month: February 2021

Roush CleanTech Propane Fuel System Thermal Testing

The ROUSH CleanTech team recently made the trip to Duluth, Minnesota to highlight the differences between diesel and propane buses during winter time operations. Temperatures during these tests ranged between -13 degrees to -18 degrees, with wind chills around -30 degrees. The goal for the cold weather test was to compare a diesel and propane bus in starting procedures and cabin temperatures at various points. To view the results of the tests, check out this video!

Godzilla Is HERE!

The all new Ford “Godzilla” 7.3L V8 Premium Gasoline Engine is NOW AVAILABLE in both School Bus and Commercial Bus products sold by North Central Bus & Equipment! The new engine, combined with the proven Ford TorqShift 6-Speed Automatic Transmission, provide more power and torque, improved durability and maintenance! Here’s just a few of the highlights of the Godzilla:

  • All new heads with port fuel injection offer simpler maintenance and air flow
  • Cooling jets improve piston durability and combustion efficiency
  • All new cast iron block with four bolt and cross bolted main bearings provide maximum strength and stiffness in the bottom end for maximum durability
  • Variable displacement oil pump provides more oil when needed or reduced parasitic losses under light loads
  • In-block cam reduces engine height and width
  • Variable cam timing improves engine efficiency
  • Forged steel crankshaft offers strength and durability

*Data above provided by Ford Media Center

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