Renewable Propane

North Central has our eye on the future of transportation and how vehicles are powered. In terms of alternative fuels, so far propane has been a slam dunk for many of our customers and more are talking about it everyday! It handles our climate very well and there’s not a substantial amount of additional monies required for infrastructure.

We have recently learned about a relatively new fuel that is safe, reliable, economical, and produces carbon intensity as low as zero. It’s called RENEWABLE PROPANE.
Renewable propane:
• Comes from renewable sources
• Is methane-free
• Has a carbon intensity as low as zero

We believe that renewable propane has a place as part of the solution for an energy-efficient future. It is a way to use less energy and embrace sustainable practices to reduce — and ultimately eliminate — our carbon footprint. By 2030, we believe that renewable propane — along with conventional propane and other innovative blends — will be America’s most widely available, affordable, carbon-neutral energy solution. It’s a vital part of an energy policy benefiting climate and health in a fiscally responsible way.

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