Check Out Our New Logo!

Check out our new logo!
As we continue to grow and change as a company, adding new offerings and divisions, we wanted a sleek modern logo that our customers can recognize and trust regardless of which division or product you’re working with! Whether you’re a commercial bus customer, school bus customer, truck equipment customer, or emergency lighting / upfit customer, we will proudly use this logo and create brand familiarity. We hope you like it as much as we do!

Renewable Propane

North Central has our eye on the future of transportation and how vehicles are powered. In terms of alternative fuels, so far propane has been a slam dunk for many of our customers and more are talking about it everyday! It handles our climate very well and there’s not a substantial amount of additional monies required for infrastructure.

We have recently learned about a relatively new fuel that is safe, reliable, economical, and produces carbon intensity as low as zero. It’s called RENEWABLE PROPANE.
Renewable propane:
• Comes from renewable sources
• Is methane-free
• Has a carbon intensity as low as zero

We believe that renewable propane has a place as part of the solution for an energy-efficient future. It is a way to use less energy and embrace sustainable practices to reduce — and ultimately eliminate — our carbon footprint. By 2030, we believe that renewable propane — along with conventional propane and other innovative blends — will be America’s most widely available, affordable, carbon-neutral energy solution. It’s a vital part of an energy policy benefiting climate and health in a fiscally responsible way.

For additional information on this new, low or even zero carbon fuel, please visit


The Way Your Truck SHOULD Look

Our Truck Equipment Team has been firing on all cylinders lately with a wide assortment of jobs! We can help whether you’re looking to add a tonneau cover and toolbox to your personal vehicle, or you need to upfit your work truck with a service body, flatbed, dump box, or many other options! As much as we don’t want to talk about the four letter word that starts with an “s”… now is the time to get yourself and your company ready for it. Don’t be stuck the first morning…

As a reminder, we rep multiple great product lines for truck equipment and van equipment! Just let us know when you’re needs are and we’ll get to work finding the perfect solution. Give us a call our stop in today and chat with the team. Let us help you get your truck looking the way it SHOULD look!

Van Interior Upfitting

If you’re looking for a van that’s equipped to handle all of your work needs, then you’ve come to the right place! Here at North Central Truck Equipment, we specialize in upfitting vans with the latest and greatest in storage and organization solutions. From shelves and racks to cabinets and drawers, we have everything you need to keep your work van organized and efficient and making you money at what you do!

But we don’t stop there. We also offer a wide variety of partition options to help you maximize the space in your work van. Whether you need a solid partition to keep tools and equipment stored away or a more open partition to create a workspace on the go, we have you covered. Stop in or call us today to see how we can help you with your upfitting needs!

North Central Truck Equipment and Van Equipment Hotline: 320-251-0090


Are You Ready For School?

We know, we know… SUMMER IS NOT OVER YET! We don’t want to rush it, but we’ve been hard at work getting our customers’ Blue Bird School Buses ready for the start of school!

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FREE Complete Set of School Bus Brakes

Check This Out!

One of many exciting new promos in the works from our Parts Department! Be sure to keep an eye on our website, and our social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) so you don’t miss out on the deals! If you’re not set up with our E-Commerce Site yet, it’s super easy to do! The pre-registration link can be found on our Parts page!


CleanFuel School Bus Grant Program 101

If you’re in the school bus world, either as a school district or a private contractor, chances are by now you’ve heard about all this federal money floating around for CleanFuel School Buses in an effort to reduce pollution in and around schools. Chances are, you’re more than a bit overwhelmed with all of the information and numbers being thrown around. We can help! We’ve created a “CleanFuel School Bus Rebate 101”, which gives you the details you NEED to know when considering if this is the right move for you! Check it out!


If you’re interested in applying for a school bus under this program, please reach out to your School Bus Sales Representative or Jodi Janssen (Rebate Program Assistant) TODAY to get started. Remember, the application window closes on AUGUST 19TH, 2022 and late applications WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!